Friday, August 17, 2012

light the imperiled damsel

a lantern
showing the way
we understand

preturnatural repose
calm and a calamity of twirls
we knew that we knew
the edge of the baroque

I have no sympathy for light
time is blind and lame
in the kingdom of light

never catching the neutrinos
no divine corpuscle o'
our pal al
lazy units we will mend
until broken
just to send
a story about baby shoes
and tiny coos

by shaking your whole family tree
we will try to see
beyond the windows
that have told no lies
nor tried to comport
 with our sister truth

do not countenance my counsel
for I feel no sympathy
to the parts held before we parted

dimmed by the din
of known dimensions
I broke her crass and careful snare

now there is nothing
into which I cannot

but time bore her no sympathy
because this was the kingdom
of light

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