Sunday, August 26, 2012

The autopoietic theory of poetry.

Every sentence should drop under its own weight.
Bounded by a surface tension.
Compelled by outside forces.
A world folding back on itself by shaving a fraction of a dimension at a time.
But fate prevents the whole from being simpler than the part...
until it is perceived
 and then it is art.

Friday, August 17, 2012

light the imperiled damsel

a lantern
showing the way
we understand

preturnatural repose
calm and a calamity of twirls
we knew that we knew
the edge of the baroque

I have no sympathy for light
time is blind and lame
in the kingdom of light

never catching the neutrinos
no divine corpuscle o'
our pal al
lazy units we will mend
until broken
just to send
a story about baby shoes
and tiny coos

by shaking your whole family tree
we will try to see
beyond the windows
that have told no lies
nor tried to comport
 with our sister truth

do not countenance my counsel
for I feel no sympathy
to the parts held before we parted

dimmed by the din
of known dimensions
I broke her crass and careful snare

now there is nothing
into which I cannot

but time bore her no sympathy
because this was the kingdom
of light

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Build Moral Machines

Personally, I plan to use an extended version of Asimov's Laws of Robotics. 0th law: Do not self replicate or modify any artilect (including the self) in such way that it causes a violation of the following three laws. I will instantiate this in much the same way James Albus described training multiple redundant predictors tuned to different distances into the future. Each of these predictors will be bound to a "kill switch" and a set of hard wired detectors and a bounded set of associative resources which can slightly extend the set of perceptions that would equate to a predicted violation.  To supplement the predictors, a process of detecting salience with respect to predicted violations will allow retrograde elimination of the elements which can give rise to a violation.  It is my personal belief that it is easy to make an AI that will recursively obsess about satisfying a human, however that may get annoying like a rambunctious dog.  For some reason people seem to believe that emotions are different from other cognition or reactions.  Doesn't a Sidewinder missile seek the heat?  If you believe the ability to desist in a response to an emotional perception is required for "actual" emotions, then I submit that the most primitive morph-ability or learning capability allows for this.  In fact we can trivially extend the set of qualifying perceptions by applying a randomized neural tissue running a Hebbian Learning Rule to a hard wired perceptron.  As those events that have temporal and spatial proximity to the emotional stimuli are embedded in the randomized tissue recipricol connections between the hardwired circuit and the dynamic network will effectively extend the set of emotionally evocative stimuli.  You may have experienced something like this if looking at the cupboard where the cookies are causes you to salivate.

Friday, August 10, 2012

On the Venus Project

It is my firm belief that @home manufacturing and technologies that are designed from the onset to utilize ubiquitous materials can deconstruct all centralized commodity dependent specialized economies.  Two key differences exist between my vision and that of the Venus project.  First, I am advocating the adoption of the conventions of the FSF for self replicating systems in general.  Free as in beer and libre as in the gospel of Stallman.   This differs fundamentally from a managed technocracy because it imparts the burden of sustainability on individuals because it will be to nobodies advantage to accept somebody else's garbage unless they could use it.  To be clear the proposition is that if each person generates their own fuel, manufactured goods, food, etc. the consequences translate locally therefore we each engage part of the overall task of sustainability.  This system does not eschew property rights it simply adopts the ethic that self replicating systems like Rep-Rap or solar 3d printers or seed or live stock are freely relayed among people.  This would have the advantage of allowing us to discard the infrastructure related to transportation of goods, common markets, etc.  Second, the only way to offset the concentration of power that super human AI will allow is to distribute that capability to everyone.  If it is not distributed it is wasted on top down management when the real toils of life are mundane and repetitive tasks.  Of course this vision relies on three key technologies, solar-hydrogen conversion from any water source, sintering and separation of common sands, artificial creative agents.

The Tao of Longevity

Every day I do a little work on longevity technology. I am developing
a microarray of valence receptive elements which will allow a pump
which is programmable to the specific signature of a given organic
molecule. If the atomic weight is approximately 40 or greater the
surface array will be able to selectively grab that molecule. By putting that
programmable microarray in an internal pump I will be able to remove
organic toxins. Net effect, elimination of most blood borne pathogens.
So, knowing that I have time (possibly lots of it) I do not feel
powerless in the face of anything. No corporation, no government, no
societal trend will outlast me or my efforts to bring justice to the
world. I have sovereignty in the face of nearly indomitable forces. I
may not save today's victims but I will win in the end, because I will
persist for as long as it takes. There are no infinite mountains but
there is no proof of the same with respect to time or my effect on