Friday, July 27, 2012

A letter to Santa

I see all politics and fiction as different versions of the first document I ever wrote: A letter to Santa. Really my letter was less of concerned interrogative between old friends and more of a list of things I selfishly felt entitled to.  So when politically motivated small business owners post signs that read "I created this business Mr. Obama."  I take it to mean that they wish they had the means to create and run such a business-alone.  At home production of goods, food and energy are about to make independence from "the commons" a realizable reality. High bandwidth communication currently allows even medical services to be provided through a combination of telepresence and robotics. Imagine the moment you actually plow a furrow up to the end of your driveway to prevent accidental visitors. Some fiber optics are probably about the extent of what I would like to co-own with my neighbors. Fortunately, if we all sever physical ties we will have to figure out how to manage our own filth in addition to avoiding the costs of providing for the commons.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Stars Spanglish Banter

El Lay,
 whispered dirty,
  a moan from
    a city neither
    tender nor concerned with splendor
  she is slender
       like glamour
                  suspended like a        fat cinder
       over the flames
 of a burning empire
      a maid made
 a mender
because she
 ate the sweets
  right out of the blender.
    But there you are,
  still knocking and knicking,
preening and shilling
but not like those tired dames
of yesteryear
 you are
   the future
 I fear,
   we might just find,
    too dear.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Old American Dream.

I believe we can change the entire economic backdrop of this century with a few key innovations which are currently underway. First there are societal innovations which are going to play into reshaping our idea of the necessity of a completely interconnected resource supply network. Urban gardening as a trend is probably the best example of a societal adjustment which improves the availability of a valuable resource to places which have become "Real food deserts" devoid of fresh produce and foods which haven't payed heavily for shelf life. A second similar trend is the DIY movement, which has grown up largely on the back of the success of the Open Source Software movement, which has taken the individual challenge of producing tech products and shown us how truly enlightened and beneficent people can become when associated with crowd sourced development. Almost as importantly, the Open Source Software movement showed the material DIYourselfers how to create licenses which keep crowd sourced software open and free for future development. I will forgive you if you don't immediately see how these two hybrid societal/technical innovations will save the American Dream. I believe that with the development of small foot print solar kilns which can crack the hydrogen out of water with sunlight, we will be able to decentralize power and manufacturing capability. You probably have already seen "rapid prototyping" deposition technologies that magically grow material objects in a small machine. A few years ago a group of inventors created such a machine that could largely manufacture its own parts using this same technology. That project was named Rep Rap which is short for Self Replicating Rapid Prototyping machine. I believe that the technological revolution of the 21st century will be manufacturing using self replicating machines/living things. Engineered biotech systems already usually piggyback part of their fabrication on the life cycle of a genetically modified species, in this way genetic engineers are already using self replication, which isn't so special if you consider that farmers have always used self replication. I actually believe that crowd sourced self replicating machines are the way the poor can escape the yoke of resource dependence. If we can create machines that self replicate using ubiquitous materials and produce useful products like clean burning Hydrogen (which when burned produces water), the yoke of centralized dependence on power will be lifted. If you think about it the idea of independent living on the "frontier" is an even older American Dream, a dream I hope we can all help each other realize. Someday soon I hope to put up a website detailing these efforts called the Free and Self Replicating Hardware Foundation.